Demetra Hampton, actress

I am an actress and I have always been fortunate and privileged to visit and stay in beautiful cities, but Rome is synonymous with magic and wonder. When I am in the capital I do not miss an opportunity to visit the streets of the old town, stroll in the Villa Borghese gardens, admire the beauty of Piazza di Spagna, and go to visit friends of the B&B LM Suite Spagna who, thanks to their commitment and their professionalism, they make the stay even more entrancing.

Giorgio Bracardi, actor

When I recited “Dr. Marsala” I had always “paaaaaains and a ciiiircle at the heaaaaad”. Well, these pains disappear in the peace and tranquility of LM Suite Spagna.

Corinne Clèry, actress

If in “Peking Express” – the reality in which I participated in 2013 – I could choose the destination, I would not have had any doubt about where to go: in eternal Rome, resting in LM Suite Spagna.

Elif Keser, Istanbul, assistant professor at Boston University

The pleasure to immerse ourselves in the magic Rome atmosphere, and the pleasure of staying in the central and cozy Bed&Breakfast LM Suite Spagna.

Riccardo Rezza, real estate group Rezza

Experience has taught us that the experience is not enough. It takes passion. As for LM Suite Spagna.

Andrea Gavosto, economist, director of the Agnelli Foundation

In small things as in big ones it’s very important the hard work and attention for details. That’s the way to build a great enterprise, spending lovely moments in Rome.

Serge Dibart, chairman of periodontology and oral biology, Boston University

Both pleasure journeys and business ones, it’s exciting staying in the heart of the historial central of Rome, in the warm and hospitable atmosphere of LM Suite Spagna.

Regina, Chiambretti Night's singer-dancer

The welcome staff LM Suite Spain is regal. Word of Regina.

Sandra Collodel, actress

Bed & breakfast LM Suite Spagna is “Things from another world”.

Lalla Olivetti, Adriano Olivetti Foundation

As the daughter of a great entrepreneur, I judge the LM Suite Spagna an excellent offer for the location and the service, the highest quality that you can ask for in a B&B located in the centre of Rome.

Valentina De Laurentiis, stylist

An hotel, as a B&B, can be judged by the forniture, the cooking and the zone where it’s located. In consequence I can state that LM Suite Spagna is a perfect combination of style, good taste and relax.

Michele Soavi, movie director

The roman history that echoes within the walls of an intimate and cozy palace in the heart of “the empire”.

Pietro Lepore, owner of Harry’s Bar Rome

I find in the B&B the same elegance and sophistication that there is always in my local. Who does not know LM Suite Spagna now has a good reason to visit it.

Silvio Laurenzi, costume designer

If you want to enjoy Rome in full, LM Suite Spagna will help you do it.

Jinny Steffan, actress

Bedtime by LM Suite Spagna, and wake up at home. The dream of every tourist.

Emanuela Fiorentino, deputy editor of Panorama and manager of Icon and Flair

As a director of MEGAzine on fashion, I can only say that the elegance of the B&B LM Suite Spagna is from headline for front page.

Terry Marocco, journalist of Panorama

Professionalism, commitment and heart. It will be a pleasure to one day write an article on B&B LM Suite Spagna.

Gino Chiariello, heart surgeon and professor at the University of Tor Vergata

I can only say that friends of the B&B LM Suite Spagna put their heart in everything they do. Trust me.

Antonia Liskova, actress

Silence, tranquility and comfort, all that I need when I have to study a film script. And it is all that I find from LM Suite Spagna.

Gianfranco Angelucci, director and writer, president of the foundation Federico Fellini

In spite of the name, or perhaps in the poetic agreement with the legend that accompanies it, in Vicolo del Lupo exists the perfect retreat for the predator that keeps the instinct of discovery. The small road, cross and secluded than the arteries most celebrated Via Frattina, Via dei Condotti, or Coach, Via della Vite, Via Vittoria, is the ideal place to find refuge after the euphoria of the Roman festivals; this is indispensable for those who need to get back into silence and confidentiality, without ever losing contact with the life that pulses a few meters. Hemingway would call it “moveable feast”. An expression that leads to excitation of the senses, in that state of perpetual holiday that makes the capital so charming in every hour. Immersed in an area of absolute privilege, a few steps from Piazza di Spagna and the Spanish Steps, in the sanctuary of fashion, luxury brands, the elegance, the location is convenient to walk anywhere. The B&B Vicolo del Lupo joins the reception of a Hotel de Charme, the intimacy of a personal arrangement, in which effortlessly find the shape of his lair. The nostrils quiver, the eyes become yellow and scan the dark, dreams overlap, the scents of Rome’s most seductive stun and catch. Surrendering is a pleasure announced.

Giovanni Sollima, orchestra conductor

For me it is back home. Each month. I come almost always from a different city, welcomes me a room with a city name (sometimes the same city where I come from), always with my cello, always with ideas and projects here take shape naturally. The places reflect the people who live and motivate them, LM Suite Spagna is special because it expresses the kindness and the class of Luigi and affection of Lala.

Guido Talarico, publisher and editor of Inside Art

LM Suite Spain looks like a bed and breakfast but it is not. In fact it is a place of art: it was renovated and then tastefully
decorated, to become a meeting point for artists. A magical place very close to the Spanish Steps and the shopping streets, but also very close to Via Margutta. A truly magnificent place for lovers of beauty to visit Rome, but also for those artists who look for original locations to present their works.

Ulrike Schulze-Spate, assistant professor of Dental Medicine, Columbia University

The conferences often force me to travel the world, and there is only one place that helps me to overcome homesickness. LM Suite Spagna, thanks to the hospitality and warmth of the staff, hugs you and embraces you as if you had never left, as if Rome had moved all around your house. The dream of every worker and every tourist.

Francesco Serafini, surgical service, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

I have many friends and colleagues in New York who ask me advice on places to visit in Rome. The first advice is not what to
visit, but where to stay. LM Suite Spagna, the best B&B in the capital, with a world-renowned fame.

Berta Zezza, fund raising, responsible for relations with embassies

The B&B does not need publicity like other tourist facilities in Rome. For location, treatment and comfort is
the best in town. And one of the first in Italy for the welcome. A choice that I recommend to anyone, including ambassadors!

Aleandro Mariani, tenor in the choir of St. Cecilia

I dreamed of becoming a professional skier, but when I was 24 I became a tenor of international renown. There is great stress and a lot of pressure, but when I need to relax I escape from my friend Luigi, in his B&B relaxing and mostly quiet. A blessing to rest my eyes, and especially my voice.

Raffaella Docimo, SIOI president, director of the chair of Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Tor Vergata

A fascinating place, an elegant mix of contemporary and Roman history. A refuge in which an atmosphere of serenity, fulfillment and pleasure, from the common room to the bedroom. A terrace where you can enjoy in the embrace of the Roman sun a hearty breakfast before heading off to the Latin history. There is nothing better than staying in the B&B LM Suite Spagna.

Daniele Scardina, boxer, IBF international and WBO inter-continental super-middleweight titles

Very comfortable location to visit Rome. LM Suite Spagna is a tastefully furnished structure, with spacious rooms equipped with every comfort. For me it’s the key to relax and fully enjoy the days I spend in the city.